NavCom develops an algorithm WCT (Wide Area Correction Transform) position solution.

Based on the improvement of some errors of parameters such as the orbit and clock, for which uses a network of more than 40 GNSS reference stations around the world, two processing centers and multiple communication links, ensuring continuous availability StarFire ™ GNSS corrections. These corrections are transmitted with global coverage via Inmarsat geostationary satellites and through the first Red SBAS, capable of emitting correction RTG (Real Time Gipsy) and thus offers real-time accuracy of +/- 5 cm and usually & lt ; 2 cm, without the need for ground-based RTK GPS.

Terra Meridian S.A.S is the leader in implementing the use of NavCom Starfire in lifting seismic lines in oil seismic exploration projects in Colombia, projects which have received extensive benefits in production, quality and efficiency in the uprising. Its accuracy and versatility, allows the realization of different types of surveys and represents a major technological breakthrough for the benefit of agile development projects.

The freedom to work without the need for a master radio station transmitting corrections, streamlining the activities decreasing the time lost in antenna assembly and start of the season, also eliminates the use of dedicated staff for this work. In areas of sensitive social management, the impact is eliminated as the antenna assembly and exhibition of equipment and personnel, it also has the ability to operate in any area when required and depending on requirements or limitations of permits submit.

The multi-frequency GNSS Navcom SF3040, GPS equipment in addition to providing high accuracy under Starfire corrections system also allow obtaining measurements in static mode, RTK and RTK Extend PLUS. Additionally, the controller Navcom Nautiz X7 contains software with advanced tools stakeout and diversity of profits in data capture, allowing to make photographic and voice records for each measured point. The wireless mode of operation avoids the use of cables and eliminates the number of accessories to be carried; added to this benefit, low weight favors the displacement operator.

Post processing is performed in software GPSeismic, through QuikView module providing the data obtained and the load information to the database quality control.