This technology is based on a measuring system using a laser pulse is emitted into the earth’s surface returns obtaining radiation reflected by the different elements.

Maintaining a control in x, y, z lidar sensor via a satellite positioning system, combined with inertial measurement unit.

The importance of having accurate and high quality without generating impact on the area to be studied, minimizing the social and environmental drawbacks, reducing time for the start of projects, minimizing the costs to be fully aware of the physical factors that affect the area, anticipating proper planning.


  • Planning engineering projects and civil works.
  • Forest Inventory.
  • Geo-referencing of water units, road infrastructure, residential infrastructure, flow lines, grids, eroded and unstable areas.
  • Analysis of current land use (transient or permanent crops, pastures, forests, etc.).
  • Flood Zones and maximum flood levels. Wetlands, morichales and old mother.
  • Types of biomass.
  • Research.
  • Mapping and GIS.

    Terra Meridian S.A.S, is capable of surveying with this technology, using Leica ALS-60 and specialized software (ENSOMOSAIC, TerraScan and Terramodel). For controls on land it has GPS Trimble R5 and GcGPS Navcom Starfire equipment.