Lets get (absolute or relative) georeferenced digital image in vector format, three-dimensional space.
The data collection technology with laser scanning system is accurate, fast, safe and effective, to where you can get reliable measurements in three dimensions.


  • Removes rising costs and reduces the number of visits to your project or work
  • Perform detailed analysis, by means of digital models
  • Generate architectural drawings, technical and engineering, quality information for screening and monitoring of works
  • Avoid time by having to make new measurements
  • Save time and field staff
  • Lift inaccessible or difficult to access
  • Data redundancy for verification


  • Infrastructure
  • Works
  • Buildings
  • Production Plants
  • Material Control
  • Calculation of volumes
  • Vector Graphic recording historical
  • Digital terrain models
  • Control settlement
  • Geotechnical
  • Architecture
  • Mining
  • Industrial

Terra Meridian S.A.S, offers the service of making laser data with Leica Scanstation 2 (50,000 points / sec, reaching 300 m Cyclone 7.1.3 software and Cloud Worx 4.2)

Stay ahead to time standards of quality and productivity in their operations by streamlining decision making with accurate data.


Handheld scanner, which captures images in 3D, just like a laser scanner, but by using infrared technology and a sensor that determines the depth. Capture 3D images, high low standards of quality and accuracy (In an operation range 3.5 m, accuracies of the order of 5 mm are obtained). Ideal for lifting small areas, additionally lets you export images in PTS, PTX and CAD software format, which makes it a snap to surveys with laser scanner technology.