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Geomatics - Oil & Gas - Infrastructure - Mining - Industrial - Power Sector - Environment - Social Management - Property Management.

Terra Meridian S.A.S., is the leader in Colombia in providing outsourcing services to the survey of oil seismic exploration projects.

We are the strategic management support social projects, where the current social environment requires leadership, dynamism, timely and effective intervention, which allows accurate assessment.

Our experience in managing projects of high environmental and social complexity, allows us assertive identification, analysis, evaluation and project development.

Our extensive experience in projects of oil seismic exploration and management of all aspects inherent in property management.

INS (Inertial Navigation System), is a measurement system based on the principle of movement of a body in space.

NavCom developed an algorithm WCT (Wide Área Correction Transform) position solution.

Getting georeferenced digital images (absolute or relative) in vector format, a three-dimensional space.

Drone or UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), is an ultra modern air robot.

This technology is based on a measuring system using a laser pulse is emitted into the earth's surface returns obtaining radiation reflected by the different elements.

Acoustic Survey transitional oil seismic exploration projects (TZ).

Terra Meridian S.A.S., has the MosaicMill EnsoMOSAIC system designed for automatic production of ortho-mosaics from aerial photographs.

Our staff has professionalism, excellence and extensive experience, so we guarantee efficiency, performance and quality in our services, giving our customers the best cost benefit.


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